Product Details

How about a welcome mat that also picks up sales?

There’s no getting around the practicality of it: a high quality floor mat that helps keep your store clean—and prominently displays promotions to everyone who comes through your door.

WipeWindo® is an industrial strength entrance mat suitable for medium-to-high traffic areas. An integrated FloorWindo® graphic display lets the mat do double-duty as an innovative communications solution, and makes a great first impression. Like all Rose Windo® products, WipeWindo® works with your own message, so your graphic communications can be updated in seconds.

  • Attractive, long-life floor mat helps keep your store clean and reduces liability exposure
  • Integrated FloorWindo® insert lets you quickly and easily change out your message
  • ClearGrip™ protective window keeps your graphics looking their best in high traffic areas.
  • Slip-safety certified by NFSI and BIA for both dry and wet conditions
  • Easily cleanable, and designed to withstand industrial washing machines
  • Anti-skid bottom keeps the mat firmly in place, without messy adhesives

Technical Details: