Visual Merchandising Tips for the 2015 Holiday Season

Visual Merchandising Tips for the 2015 Holiday Season
With summer here, the December holidays seem far away. But we understand it is never too early to start thinking about ways to engage your customers with visual merchandising tips for the holiday sales season.

In November and December, a high percentage of customers are in gift-buying mode. They intend to make a purchase and do their research right at that moment. Visual merchandising is a great way to attract shoppers and make your business part of their gift-buying journey. Let us share with you three tips that have created success for our clients:

  1. Develop a Theme and Carry It Out Store-wide.

Holiday shoppers love visiting brick and mortar stores during the holidays to take part of the festive experience. An effective way to deliver that experience is to create a theme for your holiday signage and displays. This theme should be consistent throughout the store. Create an engaging window display to attract shoppers and then continue the same design elements on signs throughout the store. A great way to draw attention to windows is with illuminated light boxes.

  1. Create a Visual Merchandising Calendar.

We keep shoppers engaged with signage and displays that change on a regular basis. Establish a calendar in advance with the team, before the holiday rush. Determine what types of signage you will use – whether it’s in-store signs, digital kiosks, or LED light boxes and when content will be changed for displays over the course of the holiday season.

  1. Feature Products with In-Store Signage.

We love creating innovative ways to attract shopper’s attention. One approach might be to create a rotating schedule with twelve different products to underscore the twelve days of Christmas. The key to making promotions like this a success is signage that can easily be modified with new graphics and counter mats that highlight your products without compromising space.

Rose Displays SignwareTM Specialists have worked with many stores to enhance their visual merchandising at the holidays, as well as all year round. The goal is to help our clients drive sales by creating meaningful engagement with our customized visual communication solutions. As you’re developing your visual merchandising programs for the 2015 holiday season, our Signware Specialists are ready to support you throughout the planning process. Give us a call and let us be part of your team. We’d love to help you find the right solutions to create an impact for your holiday sales campaigns.

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