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Now more than ever, integrating technology into custom displays is a powerful way to engage customers and personalize their interactions with your products and your brand.

Engage your customers and personalize their experience with interactive technology

Our ability to help you wow your customers with creative custom displays and fixtures is just part of the story. We also work with a trusted network of third-party technology providers to integrate some of the most exciting technological innovations in retail. If you’d like to exchange ideas for creating personalized customer experiences that combine the power of technology with superlative design, let’s talk.

High-Tech Help for Your Customers
The integrated interactive product finder developed for GlobalShop 2019 demonstrates our ability to create an intuitive feature for in-store that serves both as an attractor and a functional element that helps customers (in this case, to identify and find the exact haircare color they need). The integrated technology invites customer to interact with the monitor in a way that helps personalize their shopping experience. In this case, we designed and developed the Beauty Lab fixture collection, and coordinated with a trusted technology provider who created the interactive software experience. (Bonus feature: such integrated technology features also give the retailer the ability to track/analyze shopper demographics and behavior and product trends.)
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As your full-service provider of custom, floor-to-ceiling retail merchandising solutions, we’d love to share ideas about creating innovative, in-store shopping experiences that wow your customers and drive revenue.
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