Floor/Counter Mats

Put your messages directly in front of customers where it matters most — at the counter, in-aisle or other strategic locations within your store environment. Our counter and floor mats make it incredibly easy to change your graphics; plus they are durable, ADA compliant, skid resistant and easy to move to new locations – with no residue to clean.

Explore our versatile, easy-to-use counter and floor mats.

These attractive, long-lasting counter and floor mats are designed to deliver key messaging in high-traffic, high-visibility areas. The ultra-thin DeskWindo is ideal for checkouts, service desk, consultative stations, tables and bar-tops, and/or gathering spaces. The FloorWindo is built to drive awareness and sales anywhere on the retail floor.

Versatile, High-Impact Messaging Options
Grab shoppers’ attention for special offers, seasonal messaging, sales and much more with our popular DeskWindo and FloorWindo graphic display mats. It’s incredibly easy to change your graphics and position your mats wherever you need them. Not to be confused with adhesive-backed decals, these ultra-thin messaging mats lie flat and snug on the desktop or floor to highlight your message without compromising space.
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