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First impressions are lasting impressions. Why not make them memorable ones with top-quality custom fixtures?

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The custom fixtures, merchandising and visual messaging strategies that you use front-of-store can make the difference between customers passing you by or strolling through your front door. Once inside, you don’t want front-of-store clutter, but you do want to offer impulse purchase opportunities, wayfinding guidance that helps customers find what they’re looking and a design aesthetic that conveys a positive impression.

Modular Queuing Station
A modular queuing station (like this one prototype designed and built for Staples) allows for diverse product flexibility and can be used in various store configurations. Built to accommodate a broad range of merchandise that can be changed out as needed, it is structured to help store planners guide front-of-store shoppers.
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Rose Displays Front of Store Modular Queuing Station
Helping Shoppers Find Their Way
This informational kiosk custom built for Rite Aid is an elegant but relatively simple front-of-store system designed to welcome shoppers and help them navigate your store and find what they need. It’s an attractive wayfinding station that offers the flexibility to provide other types of messaging as well.
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Rose Displays Front of Store Custom Fixture
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