Engage Your Customers with Beautiful, Versatile Illuminated LED Light Boxes.

Engage Your Customers with Beautiful, Versatile Illuminated LED Light Boxes

Our AnoGlow™ Displays Command Attention, Invite Customer Engagement

Designed to meet the needs of store planners, designers and visual merchandisers, our AnoGlow™ displays are the brightest and most evenly lit LED light boxes available. These eye-catching displays deliver the impact you’re looking for, engaging customers’ attention while making your products and your brand look their absolute best.

Our advanced LED components and edge-lit design ensure maximum brightness and even illumination with no dark or hot spots, while our AnoGlow™ frames feature an ultra-thin profile that keeps attention focused on your message. With flexible mounting solutions that let you realize your vision in any store environment, they are easier than ever to install — and even easier to use. And we’re proud to say they’re made in America, right here at our facility in Salem, Mass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the LED light boxes available in custom sizes?

Yes. Because we do everything made to order, we can accommodate virtually any size you need. Ranging from our smallest size of 8” x 8”, our two-sided light boxes are available in a maximum print size of 48” x 48” and our one-sided frames can accommodate graphic substrates as large as 48” x 96”. And… Read more »

Can LED light boxes be integrated into other display fixtures?

Absolutely! Our light boxes can easily be integrated with existing fixtures. Our design team can even help create distinctive custom fixtures based on your unique needs and vision. One of our favorite projects involved collaborating with national retailer World Kitchen to develop a stunning glass display fixture in which a two-sided AnoGlow™ LED light box… Read more »

Can LED light boxes be used in connection with interactive technology?

Yes. Our SmartStand™ Interactive Kiosks integrate AnoGlow™ LED light boxes with a super-sized, 21-inch HD Android touch screen tablet to offer customers a fully interactive experience that seamlessly melds the worlds of digital and physical shopping. This SmartStand™ video explains the extraordinary capabilities of this revolutionary device to enhance customer experience. As always, if you… Read more »

How easy are LED light boxes to install and use?

Our light boxes are designed to be extraordinarily easy to use. Though help with installation may be recommended for some applications, we ship our displays with clear instruction sheets intended to make set up as easy as possible for store personnel. Our one-sided illuminated frames feature a patented, front-loading Springless Snap Rail that makes graphic… Read more »

What are some of the advantages of using LED light boxes?

The human eye is naturally drawn to objects and surfaces that are brighter than their surroundings. So our one-sided and two-sided AnoGlow™ light boxes are extremely effective at visually amplifying your message. LED lighting is also very economical – meaning you’ll be using just a little bit of electrical power to generate an incredible amount… Read more »

What are some of the best locations and applications for LED light boxes?

Our LED light boxes are especially effective in window installations, where our two-sided AnoGlow™ displays can easily be positioned to invite engagement from both inside and outside your store. But they also work wonders in capturing customer attention throughout your store environment – entryways, mid-store, customer service, perimeters and more. Versatile, durable and backed by… Read more »