Specialty Fixtures

When you need a special fixture to sell a specific product, our talented designers, engineers and manufacturing specialists are among the best in the business.

Unique, distinctive custom specialty fixtures attract your shoppers to featured products and brands

Design, prototype, engineer and manufacture specialty fixtures whose purpose is to showcase and sell a very specific product. For example, when we create a specialty fixture for, say, a baseball bat manufacturer, we’re skilled at crafting a piece that is a home run for the client but, more important, a big hit with customers!

GlobalShop Home Goods Collection
In addition to designing and developing unique multi-material fixtures and furniture, one interesting feature is our ability to integrate Rose Displays signware into your fixture collection. The Home Goods collection designed and developed for GlobalShop 2019, showcases our holistic approach in creating merchandising and visual messaging solutions that work seamlessly together within a category of products.
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Specialty Fixtures
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As your full-service provider of custom, floor-to-ceiling retail merchandising solutions, we’d love to share ideas about creating innovative, in-store shopping experiences that wow your customers and drive revenue.
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