Ceiling Systems

Displaying graphic messaging from your ceiling is a great way to catch shoppers’ attention for wayfinding, seasonal/promotional messaging and more. So be sure to check out our patented easy-to-install ceiling solutions, designed to make hanging signs overhead safe and adaptable for a variety of ceiling types – flat, grid or open.

Versatile, easy-to-use solutions for your ceiling communications

Crafted with quality design and engineering, all of our ceiling systems are easy to use in terms of initial installation, height adjustment and graphics placement. They’re ideal for your important Orient, Inform or Seasonal ceiling communications. With decades of signware experience, we are adept at helping clients identify systems to display highly effective visual communication graphics and messages.

Butterfly™ Track Ceiling Hanging System
The Butterfly Track system provides for ultimate versatility in sign placement. With its easy-to-use hangers, the Butterfly Track gives you the ability to effortlessly move your graphics left-to-right or front-to-back. Best of all, installation is flexible enough to accommodate unique placement, including an option for suspending from high ceilings.
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Butterfly Track Ceiling Hanging System
Ceiling Hanging Solutions
Suspending graphics from your ceiling is a great way to get them noticed. Our Butterfly™ Track Ceiling Hanging System makes it incredibly easy to hang multiple graphics, using staggered heights, depths and frame sizes to add visual interest.
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