Product Details

The EasyGlide Track System makes moving your signage as easy as sliding your shower curtain. With its patented design and easy-to-use Gliders, the ceiling System gives you the ability to display your signage anywhere. Then you can easily move it to access stock, promote a new product display, or simply change the look of your visuals.

  • Signs move side-to-side with ease.
  • Gliders are easy to insert and remove mid track.
  • Grid ceiling version can be used with regular, recessed, or mini grids.
  • Available in clear anodized or white finishes.
  • Also available in a suspended version for high ceilings.  Call for details.

Watch our Video on the EasyGlide Track System

Technical Details:

  • When ordering for grid ceiling, you must specify the regular or mini grid, and short (24″) or long (48″) direction.
  • Tracks for plaster ceilings available at any length between 12” and 125”.  Tracks can be mounted next to each other to span longer lengths.
  • Suspension Mount available in lengths up to 125″, and can be connected for longer lengths.  When ordering, please specify grid, plaster, or open ceiling.  Professional installation is recommended for Suspension Mount systems.
  • Systems sold for plaster ceilings include mounting hardware kit. Systems sold for grid ceilings include end caps for use on grids. Replacement hardware kits and end caps available for purchase; call for pricing.
  • Gliders work with hooks or with cables using the additional Saucer Connector.
  • Specify number of Gliders needed (typically 2 per sign) when ordering.

U.S. Patent Nos. 8,070,122, 8,672,280