Table / Counter Top

Get maximum value from premium retail countertop and tabletop space with custom displays — large or small — that are designed for impulse purchases or for any strategic communication or sales initiatives.

Custom table and countertop displays designed for customers to see, select, purchase

Your retail countertop and table space is extremely valuable real estate. We specialize in collaborating with retailers and brands to design high-impact custom displays for these surfaces. Small racks and spinning displays. Freestanding mini-shelves. Acrylic boxes that require assistance from an associate. Distinctive glass cases. Eye-catching pamphlet holders. Units built to integrate with existing fixtures and infrastructure. From simple and functional to elaborate and artistic, we’ll help you create the ideal custom displays for your specific needs.

Café Snacks, Anyone?
These custom countertop merchandiser displays featuring café snacks were rolled out to Barnes & Noble bookstores as the nation’s largest retail bookseller (630 stores across the United States) was reimagining its in-store cafes.
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Barnes & Noble Counter Top Display
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