Display Bases

Our custom display bases are visual elements that help you feature or highlight specific products. For example, we create functional yet elegant bases for showrooming environments or traditional mannequin visual displays.

Let’s talk about how to put that special product on a pedestal.

Leading brands and retailers are highly creative about the displays they devise to showcase featured products. But what’s underneath is vitally important too. We’ve got decades of experience partnering with retailers and brands to build custom display bases that meet your high standards and your merchandising goals.

Standing Tall on Custom Display Bases
Every detail is key in retail — right down to the bases that support your most important displays. An example of this is the functional, understated yet attractive base included in this glass-encased mannequin display that we created for GlobalShop. We offer the ability to design and develop custom bases that fit into existing high-end retail programs or to integrate them with fixtures or furniture that we create for you.
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GlobalShop Glass-Encased Mannequin Display
Everything in Balance
This yoga mannequin would get lost standing on the floor, but adding a simple round wooden base elevates the display in a way that attracts customers. The round base and queue merchandiser seen here were created for a sportswear retailer.
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Yoga Mannequin Display with Wooden Base
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