LED Lightboxes

Command attention and invite engagement with our AnoGlow LED lightboxes.

Catch Shoppers’ Eye with Illuminated LED Lightboxes

Store planners, designers and visual merchandisers take note: Our bright, evenly lit AnoGlow™ displays are tailor-made to help you boost key visual communications through the power of illumination.

Built to your exact specifications with advanced LED components and an edge-lit design that ensures maximum brightness and even illumination with no dark or hot spots, our AnoGlow™ frames feature an ultra-thin profile that keeps attention focused on your message.

Realizing your vision for their placement in-store is doubly easy because:

  • Our wide variety of mounting solutions makes them easier than ever to install, and
  • Snap rail functionality and top- or side-loading options make them even easier to use.
The Process of Illumination
Using high-quality LED lightboxes can be an ideal option when you’re looking to truly make your graphic images pop. Versatile enough to stand alone or be integrated into product displays, our LED lightboxes deliver the impact you’re looking for, while bringing out the best in your products and brand.
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Brightening Up Your Brand
With their brilliant illumination and incredible versatility, customers often use our AnoGlow™ LED lightboxes to showcase their brand, in addition to countless other applications. Realize your vision in window installations or mid-store with attention-getting lightboxes that are easy to install, and even easier to use. Available in the exact sizes you need, with flexible hanging and mounting solutions and an innovative, virtually invisible power delivery system, our LED lightboxes invite shopper engagement from inside and outside your store.
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