Buying the Right LED Lightbox for Your Retail Space

AnoGlow One-Sided LED Lightbox

AnoGlowLED lightboxes are a great way to strengthen your visual communications strategy. When considering which product to purchase for your retail space, here are five tips for selecting the best product for your environment.

1. Decide Which Format for the LED Lightbox

When retailers think about LED lightboxes, the most common type of signage is hanging on an interior wall. However, LED lightboxes offer many more options. They can hang from a ceiling, be mounted on a floor stand, or hang on fixtures and walls. They also have different graphic loading options. Select the format (or formats) which will have the most impact for the space.

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2. Type of Illumination

Not all LED lightboxes are the same. AnoGlow™ LED lightboxes can be illuminated from one side or two sides. In all cases, it’s important to find a product that offers brilliant light dispersion from corner to corner. Consistent lighting across a panel focuses customers’ attention directly on your message—rather than the medium. A single sided lightbox is perfect for lighting outside of a store. Under optimal circumstances, the typical lifespan for LEDs is 50,000 hours.

3. LED Lightbox Appearance

In addition to illumination, there are other aesthetic considerations with LED lightboxes. Low profile lightboxes with thin rails offer a sleek look. AnoGlowTM LED lightboxes have a unique rail design that allows frames to sit flush in a fixture (with zero clearance on all sides). In addition, their heat management construction guarantees frames stay comfortable to the touch—this is essential for employee and customer safety.

4. Regulatory Compliance

Look for LED lightboxes containing components that are UL Listed or recognized. Many cities and towns in the United States require products be tested by a nationally recognized testing laboratory before they can be used in their area. It is easier to install LED lightboxes that already meet those requirements rather than risking compliance and permitting issues.

5. Installation

Selecting the right LED lightbox is just the first step. Ask your vendor whether a loaner or sample can be sent to the store. This will give you confidence that you’ve found the best solution, before committing to an order. Also, inquire whether you can have lightboxes built to your exact size, wire management specifications, and mounting specifications. Considering all these factors will make installation much easier.

Consider working with a signware expert who can help you identify the best products for your stores. Rose Displays can find or create the perfect AnoGlow LED lightbox to meet your needs and showcase your messaging. If you can dream it, we can do it. Let us put our expertise and industry knowledge to work and ensure LED lightboxes are a winning element in your visual communications strategy.

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