Case Study: Staples Innovation Table

Our work often creates opportunities to collaborate with great clients on amazing projects. Today, we’d like to share this mini case study offering a closeup look at a special project we did with Staples.


Visual Creations and Rose Displays (VCI-Rose) had already collaborated with Staples on the office supply giant’s high-profile initiative to change how consumers view their stores. Key elements of the Staples transformation include showcasing innovative branded products, creating in-store co-working spaces and building community engagement.

Staples’ vision and ongoing execution of their Staples Connect initiative has positioned them as an industry innovator at a time when the growth of eCommerce continues to inspire the reimagining and even transformation of physical spaces in retail.

Together, we helped them bring to life a creative, high-end, in-store environment where fixturing would consistently speak to the new design aesthetic, engaging the consumer interactively with products and services. The effort leveraged our design and multi-material manufacturing capabilities, including our production expertise in wood veneers, laminates, solid surfaces, metal fabrication and LED lighting.


Our ongoing collaboration also presented a unique opportunity when Staples entrusted us with the responsibility of creating a cutting-edge showcase fixture to attract and invite shoppers to engage with a collection of their most innovative products.


Introducing, the Staples Innovation Table — a 20-foot-long, internally illuminated showcase that invites customers to “Explore the Future” with high-tech products such as virtual reality headsets, 3D printers and more. Glowing with 850 watts of LED lighting, the Innovation Table provides an immersive experience that virtually demands each customer’s visual attention.

Imagination and Transformation in Retail

This Staples project is a unique example of our ability to partner with clients as a long-term, trusted advisor on their evolving brand or retail vision. It also demonstrates our ability to design and manufacture high-quality — sometimes extraordinary — displays and fixtures.

We’ve had the opportunity to partner with some the industry’s leading brands and retailers since 1980. And in recent years, we’ve also collaborated on retail transformation projects and processes with several other major retailers, clients like Rite Aid, Dicks Sporting Goods, CVS and many leading product brands with whom we feel privileged to have cultivated multi-decade relationships.

Beautiful things happen when you are passionate about doing great work for valued clients. That said, we would love to talk with you about your retail display and fixture needs, as well as your current in-store goals and vision for the future.

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