Our Mission is to Make Your Products and Your Brand Look Their Absolute Best

The design team here at Visual Creations and Rose Displays (our signware division) is so talented and so experienced that you can literally present us with a concept scrawled on the proverbial napkin, and we’ll work closely with you to bring that vision to life.

In fact, the strategy component of our design process is so comprehensive that a visual mockup of what you are looking for may not even be necessary. Our team is just as adept at translating your words into visual renderings to get the ball rolling in the right direction. This includes offering a great deal of flexibility around delivering renderings and design concepts in the format that is most convenient for you.

A Customized Approach

During this discovery phase, our designers will often ask do store walks of your retail space, request blueprints and planograms, gather information about quantities needed and discuss timelines.

That’s because we’re committed to going the extra mile (and sometimes many miles!) to create and deliver the truly custom pieces that each of our clients expect and deserve. Ted Van Lare, our creative director and resident design whisperer, has spent countless hours visiting clients’ stores to develop a firsthand understanding of where each fixture or display will be positioned, to engage in conversations with store managers and frontline salespeople as well as company executives. “We’ve done hundreds of jobs,” he said. “But each job is new and unique.”

Understanding Your Brand

One of the most essential skills we bring to the design strategy process is listening. Our goal is to develop a deep understanding of not only your needs for a particular fixture or display, project or rollout — but of your brand and your brand guidelines as well.

Part of the reason we’ve been so successful in cultivating long-term relationships with so many well-known regional and national retailers is that we think in terms of becoming an extension of your brand. It’s all part of our mission: Making your products and your brand look their absolute best.

As an example, this retail merchandising case study offers a closer look at how we work closely with clients to deliver an unparalleled experience along with eye-catching, functional, cost-effective solutions to your in-store merchandising needs.

Our Tried and True Process

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