Making Sure Every Solution is Just Right for Every Customer

Once our collaboration has resulted in an approved design for your project, our engineering team undertakes a rigorous prototyping and development process — a process that can be characterized as taking the idea for your custom fixtures and making it real.

The development phase focuses on determining the optimal manufacturing systems, materials and processes to be used in the creation of each piece that we manufacture. This phase will generally include:

  • Selection of materials
  • Determination of manufacturing processes
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Testing to ensure ease of assembly
  • Testing to ensure optimal functionality
  • Testing to ensure durability
  • Calculations about cost-effectiveness
  • Designing the packaging and labeling

‘Our Job Doesn’t End Until the Product Is Selling’

The ultimate goal is to make sure everything we manufacture is just right for the client. However, also critically important is to make sure we’ve thought of everything that could go wrong, and solve for any potential logistical problems that could arise. This proactive troubleshooting includes things you might not necessarily think of like:

  • Ensuring that our products are packaged to prevent damage and facilitate ease of handling
  • Making sure that our method of shipping conforms with your needs
  • Sizing up your stores to make sure our deliveries fit through your doors
  • Making sure our deliveries are compatible with your loading dock setup
  • Ensuring that any package labeling conforms with your company’s logistical protocols
  • Confirming that our detailed assembly instructions make it as easy as possible to put your displays, fixtures and signware to work in-store as soon as they arrive on site

In the words of Visual Creations Co-founder and Executive Vice President Doug Robertson, “Our job doesn’t end until the product is selling.”

Bottom line: We examine your need and our solution from every possible angle to ensure that the end result meets and exceeds your high expectations. This is all part our ceaseless commitment to making your products, fixtures and brand look their absolute best for your customers.