Our Craftsmen Create Cutting-Edge Prototypes for You

Our prototyping team is staffed with true craftsmen. In fact, prototyping is so important here at Visual Creations and Rose Displays that it is its own dedicated department — always working seamlessly with our design, engineering and manufacturing teams.

While some may think of a prototype as a rough replica, perhaps a scale model or composed of different materials than the final product, we use cutting-edge technology, rendering and manufacturing processes to produce meticulously detailed, fully functional, full-size prototypes that are customized to each client.

Highest-Quality Prototypes, Fast Turnaround

The prototyping process presents an opportunity for you to test and refine the appearance and functionality of your design. This can include visiting us on-site to interact with the prototype, or installing it in your actual store environment to make sure your display solution is exactly what you envisioned.

And because our prototyping team has its own dedicated space, equipment and personnel, we can typically move from approved rendering to working prototype in 10-12 working days.

We also offer prototyping as a standalone service for clients who have already nailed down their design. In all cases, prototyping also helps us ensure that the final product is compliant with all applicable safety standards and certifications (including ADA, UL, CSA, ETL, etc.).

Why are we so focused on state-of-the-art prototyping? While our 3D renderings are incredibly realistic, we also understand that, as Co-founder and Executive Vice President Doug Robertson observed, “Sometimes you need to touch it rather than just see it.”