Value Engineering Your Retail Display & Fixture Solutions

Our ability to value engineer each custom retail solution to meet your timelines and your budgetary needs is unparalleled. Working like a finely tuned machine, our experienced, highly skilled manufacturing team uses cutting-edge equipment to quickly and efficiently produce just about anything you could possibly need, right here in-house.

Our decades of experience enable us to engineer your solution using the materials and manufacturing processes that make the most sense for your project goals, your timeline and your budget. Every department has a role when to comes to value engineering the custom displays and fixtures that we manufacture each day. (As our creative director and lead designer says, “We’re good at taking cost out of displays.”)

Global Supply Chain Partners

While we are equipped to handle all aspects of the manufacturing in-house, if timing permits we also have flexibility to work with our international supply chain partners to create some of the components or help with some aspects of the manufacturing process in order to lower your direct costs.

Visual Creations has established long-term relationships with international manufacturing partners in China, Spain, Poland, Turkey and The Netherlands. Each one has been personally vetted through a rigorous screening process that researches and evaluates their capabilities, years in business, principals, locations, employees, client/supplier history and more.

The option of connecting with our strategic international supply chain network gives us an expanded capability to deliver manufacturing services that are scalable to any project scope to meet our customers’ timelines and budgetary parameters. Of course, we monitor the entire process to ensure that your creative concepts and finished products are exactly what you expect, as well as to meet all deliverables and in-store deadlines.

Additional Value Engineering Services

We also offer our value engineering and manufacturing capabilities as a standalone service for clients who have their design nailed down and need assistance getting it engineered and manufactured in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

Long story short, with our state-of-the-art U.S. manufacturing facility and our carefully selected global supply chain partners, we have mastered the art and science of:

  • Determining the most cost-effective materials and methods to achieve the desired aesthetics and durability for your project
  • Balancing budgetary and timeline needs with value engineering strategies to develop options that save money for our customers while keeping same high level of quality

Throughout this process, our focus is always on what is right for your brand. (Example: Luxury brands often demand using the highest-quality materials for their displays, while discount retailers may be more focused on overall cost per unit.)

Finally, it is important to note that when you work with VCI and Rose Displays, Jay Long and Doug Robertson, the company’s hands-on co-owners, take great pride in the craftsmanship that goes into every project and stand firmly behind every product that goes out their door.