Demand Flow Manufacturing — Why We Built a Second Production Facility

Demand flow manufacturing is a vitally important part of what we do here at Visual Creations and Rose Displays. This is because not every customer needs a large scale national rollout, with custom fixtures and displays delivered on time and on budget to hundreds of stores across the country and beyond.

To further strengthen our longstanding commitment to serving small and midsize customers while giving them the priority customer service treatment that they expect and deserve, we recently expanded our manufacturing capabilities — creating a separate 40,000-square-foot facility that enables us to run smaller jobs without interrupting production on our ongoing large scale retail rollouts.

Why we built a second, fully equipped manufacturing facility

This important investment in our DFM manufacturing operation is also in response to changes within the retail industry, now that — even for the biggest brands — not every project involves a major national rollout.

Today, even some of our biggest customers have been shifting part of their focus to smaller projects — enabling them to innovate more nimbly and test retail concepts, campaigns and environments before scaling up. DFM is also helpful when a customer needs us to take a larger project and break it up into smaller segments.

“Existing retail and brand customers who are already familiar with our strong capabilities in medium to large-size rollouts are recognizing that they can get the same services and skillsets applied to their smaller projects,” said Jay Long, our CEO and co-founder.

Our demand flow manufacturing service not only helps bigger companies experiment with new fixtures and display strategies for a smaller initial investment than would be required for a traditional rollout. It also reflects our commitment to smaller brands who want to work with an industry-leading manufacturing partner equipped to apply all of the quality production processes and value engineering capabilities of large-scale manufacturing to smaller-scale jobs.