We’re an American Manufacturer with Global Reach

One of the great things about working with Visual Creations is that we are equipped to custom build everything you could possibly need right here in the United States, at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Rhode Island.

Creating custom-built, American-made fixtures and displays for many of the nation’s biggest and best-known retailers has long been a tremendous point of pride for our company, as well as an important consideration for many of the customers we work with.

How Our Overseas Partnerships Benefit Our Customers

Another great thing about working with Visual Creations (and our signware division Rose Displays) is that we have also developed unparalleled capabilities to help our customers achieve savings by coordinating some of the work with our network of strategic supply chain partners around the globe.

For many companies, this just means shipping work out to China. However, at VCI we’ve gone the extra mile to cultivate a superior network of trusted international manufacturing partners. We have established long-term relationships with manufacturers not just in China, but also in Spain, Poland, Turkey and The Netherlands — each one thoroughly vetted and monitored for quality control through our rigorous screening process.

Depending on timelines and budgetary considerations, this creates opportunities to value engineer a project or campaign by having some of the work completed overseas.

Whether your displays and fixtures are built 100% in our U.S. factory or the job involves coordinating some of the work with our partners overseas, you can always be certain that we will closely monitor every aspect of the job — making sure that everything meets or exceeds your expectations and is seamlessly delivered where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.