In Our Warehouse: Inventory Services (Min/Max Management)

Retail is a fast-changing environment, especially with current challenges in the marketplace. That’s why we also offer inventory replenishment assistance (min/max management) for customers who take advantage of our warehousing, storage and fulfillment services.

Our min/max management program is ideal for customers who need us to store fixtures and displays (in some cases fully stocked with merchandise) and other components, then ship them out to your store locations as needed.

By working closely with our clients to estimate monthly, quarterly and annual needs, and by using data analytics to track actual usage; we can help each customer know exactly when supplies are getting low and when they need to reorder.

In this process, our customer experience team partners with our warehousing team to provide regular reports on existing inventory of displays, fixtures, merchandise, cash registers or other components, etc. Some of the information can be generated automatically by coordinating our min/max management reporting program with your company’s ERP (enterprise resource planning) system.