In Our Warehouse: Storage Services

As part of our commitment to being a full-service provider, we are also equipped to warehouse, stock and drop-ship your display programs as needed. In fact, these capabilities differentiate us from many of our competitors because many companies that manufacturer retail displays and fixtures simply do not have the space to offer warehousing services.

However, here at our state-of-the-art manufacturing and warehouse campus in Rhode Island, we have dedicated 100,000 square feet of space to warehousing, fulfillment and related services.

Storage Program

Most of the custom retail fixtures and displays that we build go right out the door to our customers throughout the country and beyond — from small and midsize retailers to major national brands. However, many of our customers rely on us to store their retail display products and then time-release them as needed.

We also work with our customers to receive and store their merchandise, so we can carefully stock their displays with product and then send fully stocked displays to retail locations, whenever and wherever they are needed.

If your retail display program includes third-party materials in addition to those that we have built in-house, we have the capability to store those as well, enabling us to ship out everything you need — all together — for maximum convenience.

Our advanced logistical capabilities equip us to coordinate closely with your other suppliers and providers (including channel partners who specialize in graphics) to help ensure that your retail program and fulfillment needs are seamlessly met in a time-sensitive, cost-effective fashion.