Product Details

AnoQuick’s sturdy yet lightweight profile is ideal for larger banner displays. This aluminum holder can be used alone for 3/16” foamboard, with AnoQuick Pegs to hold thinner substrates, or with 1/4” dowels for fabric.

  • Durable, lightweight aluminum sign holder.
  • Sturdy enough for permanent or semi-permanent signage displays.
  • Eliminates bowing.
  • Elegant, upscale appearance.

Technical Details:

  • Includes 2 end caps
  • AnoQuick presses easily onto foamboard edges where total thickness of board, image, and protection laminate is equal to 3/16″.
  • For rigid substrates like Sintra®, use the AnoQuick Pegs for maximum security. Minimum graphic thickness when using AnoQuick Peg is 1/16″, 1-1/2mm, or 60 pt and maximum graphic thickness is 1/8″, 3mm, or 125 pt.
  • To use AnoQuick Pegs, punch 1/4″ holes 1/4″ from the top edge of the graphic.
  • AnoConnector not compatible when used with AnoQuick Pegs
  • For pocketed banners, dowels are available.