Command Attention from Homebuyers and Create Meaningful Engagement

Command Attention from Homebuyers and Create Meaningful Engagement

In real estate, the mantra is “location, location, location.” Realtors know that the same concept can be applied to marketing. The best way to attract and engage with clients is to display listings in the best locations, such as in office windows.

PosterFix® is an attractive window display system that is easy to install and easy to update with your latest real estate listings. PosterFix’s clean lines and minimalist style ensure that your office maintains its curb appeal. Changing listings is hassle-free, which means that realtors can devote more of their valuable time with clients.

Once you’ve attracted homebuyers with your latest listings, don’t forget the importance of engaging with clients through a personalized experience. In the office, DeskWindo® displays can be used on each agent’s desktop to showcase personal listings or to publicize value-added offerings from partners, such as attractive mortgage rates, furniture advertisements, or lawn care services. As with PosterFix, DeskWindo is sleek and scratch resistant. It’s simple to swap new graphics in and out, and the ultra-thin counter mat lies snugly on desks, thanks to its anti-slip backing.

Is your real estate business ready to attract more homebuyers and enhance their experience? If so, please reach out to our SignwareTM Specialists at Rose Displays and learn more about testing PosterFix and DeskWindo.


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