Signage Increases Impulse Sales

Signage Increases Impulse Sales

One can’t deny that online shopping is affecting shopping behaviors.  Yet 93% of all purchases are still made in brick-and-mortar stores.  This gives retailers another leg up on e-commerce: getting customers to make impulse purchases in store.

  • A study by Marketing Support Inc. and Leo J. Shapiro and Associates found that every week around one third of consumers make an impulse buy with a median price tag of $30.
  • In addition, researchers at T. Kearney discovered that when consumers visit stores, 40% spend more than they had originally planned.

Impulse buying is alive and well and in-store marketing is more critical than ever to capture these dollars. Here are three tips for using signage to increase sales:

  1. Use complementary signage and displays to direct customers to add-on purchases. A simple message of “Don’t Forget…” provides a friendly reminder for required items such as printer cables when purchasing a new printer, or an upcoming date of an event such as a holiday in the following week.  When space allows, it’s a good idea to create a display of complementary products. Customers are more likely to make that impulse buy if the product is right in front of them and they don’t have to walk to a different area of the store. If this approach isn’t practical, reminding and directing customers to complementary products is an effective strategy. For example, a grocery store can place a freestanding floor stand with visuals of enticing meals and that hold free recipe cards that show the locations of the required items in the store.
  1. Prompt customers to consider additional purchases at the check-out counter. Whether customers are ordering in a fast-food restaurant, shopping at a local department store, or buying groceries, signage at check-out will inspire them to make a last-minute impulse purchase. A tempting image of a dessert may tempt a restaurant customer, while a “buy one get one free” offer for lip balm may entice a cosmetics shopper.
  1. Use different types of signage to inspire impulse buys. There are many options when it comes to in-store signage that will tempt consumers to make that last minute, unplanned purchase. Dynamic messages and images increase the number of messages delivered to consumers and makes signage more engaging. Digital signage and streaming video offer great opportunities to attract their attention.  And, perhaps the most effective way to drive that very last impulse buy is a flat counter top display right at the register.

Rose Displays has developed compelling signage for customers in a wide range of industries. In an era where in-store marketing plays a bigger role than ever, we can help you convey your message and increase sales through impulse buys.

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