Floor Advertising – Remember Your Floors

Floor Advertising - Remember Your Floors

Remember Your Floors

More retailers than ever are discovering the power of placing graphics directly on the floor. The reasons why are compelling. Researchers at the Point of Purchase Advertising Institute found that when floor graphics were placed in front of displays, 64% of shoppers stopped and engaged. Similarly, the Center for Advanced Retail & Technology conducted an experiment in which it set up a showcase of breakfast cereals in a supermarket with colorful floor graphics and a lighted display unit. Sales of the featured products increased 17.2% during the period that the floor graphics and display were in place and the number of shoppers who stopped in the product area for at least eight seconds increased 280 percent.

Given the effectiveness of floor graphics, here are five tips for installing them in your retail store:

  1. Examine the store’s traffic patterns. If floor graphics will be subjected to heavy foot or cart traffic, make sure the material can withstand this type of wear and tear.
  1. Don’t overlook seasonal conditions. For stores that are located in geographies with harsh winters, it’s not advisable to put floor graphics near a street entry due to snow, sleet, sand, and salt that comes in on customers’ shoes. If graphics must be placed near an entry way, choose a display product that can capture loose dirt and moisture without being damaged by it.
  1. Consider the floor surface in the store. Concrete and wood floors provide a smooth, flat surface for temporary displays. If your store has a textured floor, consider a product that lies flat on the floor or opt for decals that can be affixed to the floor surface.
  1. Be aware of safety and aesthetic factors. All floor graphic holders should be backed with anti-skid material to maximize safety. Be sure that whatever material is used for floor graphics will not leave a permanent or hard to remove mark, when the graphics are removed.
  1. Understand compliance issues. Become familiar with all aspects of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) or any local compliance issues that could affect the installation of floor graphics. The ADA has defined guidelines regarding the maximum allowable incline on beveled surfaces which will dictate the height of the lip on any floor mounted graphics.

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