Transition In-store Signage to Keep Your Customers Engaged

PosterFix Transitional Graphic Display

Transition In-store Signage to Keep Your Customers Engaged

Every retail store needs to transition their in-store signage to keep customers engaged and informed. Signage can support seasonal promotions, educate customers on in-store policies, or be as simple as displaying store hours.

Creating and executing a successful retail signage plan requires three important elements:

1. Signs must be easy for store employees to change.

Rose Display’s new PosterFix® product is simple to install. All associates have to do is peel off the protective paper on the back and apply PosterFix to any surface. It’s simple, intuitive, and requires no tools. The PosterFix frame is then ready for quick, painless graphic change outs. This makes it easy to test different images and messages to see what resonates most with customers.

2. Signage should be located in a variety of store locations to reinforce the brand.

When developing a new promotional campaign, it makes sense to communicate in several places such as the store entrance, windows, customer service points, and the back room. Each sign’s content may have a slightly different focus. An entrance sign may be designed to inform, the window sign may forge an emotional connection with customers, the sign at the cash register should focus on impulse buys, the customer service desk can educate clients about store policies, and the back room signs may provide associates with campaign details. PosterFix can be used in all of these locations with ease and is available in any size.

3. Signs should reinforce the store’s overall branding.

The best retail signage strengthens the store’s brand. PosterFix can be custom colored to match branding, as well as customized with your store’s logo or tagline.

To learn more about PosterFix and how to incorporate it into your retail signage plans, feel free to contact one of our Signware™ Specialists. We would love to help keep your customers engaged!

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