Visual Displays at the Counter: A Proven Method for Increasing Customer Sales

Visual Displays at the Counter: A Proven Method for Increasing Customer Sales

Visual Displays at the Counter: A Proven Method for Increasing Customer Sales

Point of purchase marketing, such as visual counter displays, is a great way to influence customers to buy more at your business. Point of Purchasing Advertising International (POPAI) found in its 2014 Mass Merchant Study that 82% of purchase decisions are made in-store. Influencing consumers in eye-catching, innovative ways represents untapped revenue – don’t leave that money on the table, or on the counter as the case may be!

Visual displays at the counter are powerful for several reasons. They engage a customer’s attention at a point in time when they are ready to purchase. When counter displays are designed in eye-catching ways, they draw attention to new products, sales, and promotions. Consumers are more likely to inquire about specials and new offers when relevant information is in front of them and helpful staff are nearby.

To take advantage of this type of advertising, compelling graphics and messaging alone are not enough. Business owners must also invest in a counter display product to hold the signage. Effective counter display products have three characteristics:

1. Graphics are easy to change

The best counter display products make it easy for store employees to swap new graphics and messaging in and out. Look for products with two-sided openings. Keeping display images fresh and updated is important for all customers, but especially for regulars. Loyal customers are more open to new products and are more likely to buy.

2. The display mat doesn’t detract from the customer experience

When it comes to store signage, counter displays are more likely than any other advertising to enter the customers’ personal space. Customers often put packages and purses on the counter. It’s important that counter display mats are unobtrusive and do not catch on consumers’ belongings. Customers should appreciate the messaging contained in the display, rather than being distracted by the display product

3. The display product should have a bright and modern look and feel

Slim profile counter display mats have a streamlined appearance that is aesthetically appealing. It’s also important to find products that are durable and scratch resistant. Mats that look clean and new are a direct reflection of the store’s level of care and its brand image.

The team at Rose Displays are experts on how visual displays at the counter can increase sales. We’d love to continue the conversation at StorePoint 2015. We hope to see you January 25 through 28 in Orlando!


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