Window Displays and Visual Merchandising

Window Displays and Visual Merchandising

Window displays play a central role in most retailers’ visual merchandising strategy. Effective window displays generate interest among shoppers, as well as highlight and reinforce the store’s brand personality. An urban development expert from San Antonio has found that merchants only have 2.5 seconds to draw a shopper in with their windows. As a result, window displays must capture consumers’ attention from a distance.

Here are four best practices to help make the most of your window displays and to ensure that they reinforce your overarching visual merchandising plan

  1. Use large graphics that are visible from afar. Whether your store is on Main Street or in a mall, it’s essential that your window display has one or more elements that are eye-catching from a distance. Large graphics with bold colors, shapes, and messages are one way to accomplish this goal.
  2.  Refresh your graphics often. When window displays are stagnant, they become invisible to consumers. Constantly changing the content with the seasons, holidays, and other themes is a great way to maintain customer interest. When buying signware for window displays, be sure that the frames and banner holders make it easy for store staff to swap graphics in and out. This guarantees more dynamic windows displays and a better return on your investment in signware.
  3. Position Graphics for Natural Sight Lines. Think how customers will approach your signage. Consider using two signs in your window instead of just one and placing them at 45°angles in each corner so that customers can easily see and read them as they approach your store.  Similarly, use the correct signware to position and angle overhead signs to customers’ natural sight lines for maximum effectiveness.  Don’t be constrained by the grids in your ceiling.
  4.  Continue the theme from the window display inside the store. Window displays are just one part of an integrated visual merchandising plan. As a result, it’s a good idea to create a sense of continuity once customers come through the store doors. This can be accomplished through two-sided window signage that displays visual messages to the outside of the store as well as to the inside of the store. Your wall-mounted and floor mounted signage should also be consistent with your window signage to contribute the overall of the store environment.

Whatever innovative ideas you have for leveraging the marketing potential of your store windows, Rose Displays can make it a reality. We are committed to finding signware solutions that meet each client’s unique requirements in terms of visual merchandising, budget, and format. We can help strengthen your brand image from the window all the way throughout the store.

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