Product Details

Display your sign ladder-free and worry-free!  With the Nikken Sign Hanger, your s tore staff never has to get on a ladder to change graphics.  Signs are easily brought to an accessible height using our pole, and retract automatically to the ceiling after graphic changing.

  • Increase safety and peace of mind! Retractable cord system allows graphics to change without a ladder.
  • Signs always look professional – Unique design ensures they hang at the correct orientation every time they return to the ceiling.
  • Save money by printing on thinner substrates or using hole-punched graphics.
  • Can be used on a flat or grid ceiling, making large-scale rollouts a breeze.

Technical Information

  • Retractable cord can be pulled down to a maximum of 6 feet.
  • Nikken unit can be used with lightweight signage and signware up to 2 lbs.
  • Nikken Pole and Grid ceiling adapter sold separately. Call for details.
  • Graphics with punched holes can also be used.  Locate holes 15.5″ apart for proper alignment with holes in the hang bar.