Product Details

RoPole™ OneUp® & BiClops

Add up the number of interior signs you hang in one year and multiple by 2.9 minutes. That’s how much time you’ll save hanging signage displays using the RoPole. It’s a safe, quick way to hang your signs without a ladder.

  • With a single twist of the RoPole, anchors lock onto grid.
  • RoPole OneUp installs one ceiling anchor; BiClops installs two ceiling anchors.
  • Use with attachments to accommodate our popular Spider Anchors, Magnets, or ZipLine ceiling anchors.

Technical Details:

  • 10′ option is 73″ in length for ceilings up to 10′.
  • 14′ telescoping option goes from 67 1/2″ to 119 1/2″ for ceilings up to 14′.
  • 18′ telescoping option goes from 73″ to 174 1/2″ for ceilings up to 18′.

Locking Hooks

  • Available in 6″, 12″, or 18″, single- or double-locking models.
  • U.S. Patent No. 6,036,153