TwinStand™ Aluminum Floor Stand

Product Details

Our retail ready floor stands are designed for a variety of visual merchandising techniques, and are customizable to seamlessly fit into your store décor program, your visual merchandising display and your promotional marketing strategy.

Standing display holders invite customer engagement with your front of store vestibule messages, mid-store destinations, visual strike zones displays, customer service reception areas and many other applications within your unique environment. These eye-catching displays not only allow you to refresh your display and brand messages regularly – they inspire new ideas to attract, engage, and motivate your shoppers.

  • Provides an elegant frame on both sides of the stand.
  • Double pole construction and wider base provide durability and stability.
  • Easy, tool-free assembly makes it simple for store staff.

Technical Specs

  • Can be used with AnoFrames, 3/16” AnoFrame, AnoFrame MultiSystem, and EconoFrame.
  • Frames are cut to your exact size specifications.
  • Standard unitary base is 12″ x 18″.
  • Tool-free assembly.
Colors & Finishes:
Clear Anodized Aluminum

Stand Height Min. 36"
Stand Height Max. 76"

  • Checkout
  • Customer Service
  • Entrance
  • Mid-Store
  • Windows
Available Accessories
  • PETG Clear Liner
  • Styrene Backer Board
Petco Custom Frame Made Fast & EASY In PAWtucket!
Petco Custom Frame Made Fast & EASY In PAWtucket!
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