5 Reasons to Consider Fabric Graphics for Your Store Décor

Fabric Graphics for Your Store Décor

Vibrant, beautiful colors. A softer, more sophisticated appearance. Easier to ship, store and install than traditional signage applications. These are three of the biggest reasons why more and more brand owners and retailers are turning to fabric signage to attract and engage customers.

The market for fabric signs is booming – with industry insiders citing 30 percent annual growth and forecasts calling for even faster growth in retail point-of-purchase applications. Fabric signage is now taking center stage not only in a growing number of retail environments, but also at trade shows, restaurants, museums, airports, sports arenas; health care, hospitality and educational facilities; and, increasingly, as a creative option for home décor.

Part of this movement is fueled by ongoing advancements in technology, as cutting-edge digital fabric printers and large format flatbed printers make it possible to do the job faster, with higher quality and more cost effectively than ever before. But demand is also being driven by the many advantages offered by fabric signage.

Distinctive Look

Words like “impactful,” “upscale,” “sophisticated” and “softer feel” are often used to describe the unique visual appeal of fabric signage – and its distinctive “designer” look is widely believed to attract attention in a way that enhances your brand experience.

It is said that fabric signage can produce richer, more luxurious, eye-catching visual solutions than traditional rigid substrates. Though it is difficult to pinpoint exactly why this is, signs printed on fabric have the advantage of greater saturation, a key factor in determining how vivid a particular image appears to the human eye.

Fabric signs also possess a smooth, stretch-fit alternative to signage that is printed on more rigid surfaces. The fact that fabric is less reflective than other substrates is also part of the equation.

Backlit fabric displays are also growing in popularity, giving store designers and visual merchandisers the ability to create high-impact environments that capture customers’ attention.

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Cost Advantages

One of the most appealing features of fabric signage is that it generally costs significantly less to ship than other visual messaging applications. Fabric options are lighter than vinyl and, unlike some rigid substrates, the material can be folded or rolled up into a very small size, making it much more cost effective to ship and easier to transport to various store locations or other events.

Easy to Use

Additional installation benefits come into play because silicone edge fabric signage makes it very easy to change graphics for a variety of applications with minimal effort. Sometimes, the installation of new signage requires the use of professional installers to help implement the new program, but this is less often the case with fabric signage. Installing or changing larger fabric graphics is easy and generally can be accomplished in a matter of minutes and by one person.

It’s Durable

Washable and wrinkle free, fabric signage’s overall durability is another reason it is good for the bottom line in terms of return on investment. Lightweight and flexible, it can also be less susceptible to damage, as many of the fabric substrates being used today are stain resistant, crease resistant and tear resistant. If you are going to change out graphics often, its flexible nature also makes fabric signage much more convenient to pack up and store for future reuse.

It’s Versatile

Easily adaptable to a wide range of configurations within a retail store environment, fabric signage is very well suited for:

  • Store windows
  • Perimeter walls
  • Mid-store applications
  • Point-of-purchase displays
  • Being integrated into fixtures and furniture
  • Other imaginative applications

Scalable to large sizes, fabric can also be the perfect solution for creating larger-than-life ideas and inspirations. It is easy to configure in one-sided or two-sided displays, as well as in ultra-thin framed or frameless profiles.

Traditionally best suited for indoor use, fabric is increasingly making its way into the world of outdoor messaging as well. And, because fabric signs are less reflective than other substrates, producing less glare, they also make great backdrops for photo-ops.

Visual Messaging with Fabric

With its compelling visual impact, its versatility and the significant savings in shipping, installation and storage costs, fabric signage allows you to stretch your imagination as you discover new visual display possibilities and create unforgettable brand environments.

At Rose Displays, our FabriWare™ Soft Signware Collection makes it easy to create unique, sophisticated displays that attract attention, engage shoppers and truly express your brand. Contact us today to learn more about the unlimited possibilities of fabric signage for your next visual communications project.

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