Soft Visual Impact for Brand Engagement

Soft Visual Impact for Brand Engagement

Over recent years, fabric signage has made a difference in retail environments nationwide. Many retail storefronts are utilizing fabric systems to enhance their visual message with its dramatic appeal, transforming their window and in-store displays into works of art to convey emotion and drive engagement. Not only have we seen premium retail stores taking advantage of fabric signage benefits, but other industries such as hotels, offices, tradeshow events, sports arenas, and others have embraced using fabric for their displays.

With the many benefits of fabric, it is understandable why retailers are incorporating it in their visual communications strategy.

Cost Savings. When compared to traditional signware, fabric signage is much more economical especially for larger sizes. It’s easier to handle, install and store. Savings in shipping and storage alone can pay for the signage in the long run. In addition, the set up is so simple that personnel in-store can implement without the need for professional installers.

Quick Implementation. Many retailers are using fabric signage to refresh their environments, encouraging shoppers to visit often. Changing a fabric graphic is a breeze, can be done in a matter of minutes and by one person. This allows for any immediate sales promotion or marketing campaign to be implemented with relative ease and quickness.

Durability. Fabric graphics are washable and durable. Unlike traditional signage, fabric is much more flexible, lightweight, and less likely to be damaged; especially ideal for retail spaces with less available square footage.

Quality Print. With advancements in textile print technology—vibrant colors and rich detail can be showcased on fabric using methods such as dye sublimation or digital fabric printing. Either option can provide great results; the decision depends on location of fabric signage in-store and budget. Many retailers have taken advantage of fabric prints to reinforce their brand message while providing another avenue for designers to express their creativity.

Transformation of Environment. Belk has been using fabric signage to transform their retail and office environment. It continues to be a popular trend for premium retailers to express their brand in an impactful manner. Fabric displays can be adapted easily at different locations within the store from windows, to perimeter walls, and mid-store. It can even be incorporated into a fixture unit because of its versatility. With such qualities, more retailers including apparel, jewelry, cosmetics, and fine furnishings have significantly increased the use of fabrics for their point-of-purchase displays in retail environments.

Impactful Engagement. Big retailers are using fabric signage to express their brand and capture the attention of Millennials. Whether it be The Gap, in New York City, using large format fabric signage; NikeTown in Vegas, featuring frameless fabric signs to promote LeBron James’ latest footwear; or Cole Haan and Aldo using fabric frames to add an extra dimension to their window displays—fabric has been trending across the nation. Because of its soft visual interest, fabric signage can generate more traffic and increase shopper’s engagement.

If you’d like to discuss the potential for using fabric signage in your environment, our SignwareTM Specialists are ready to guide you through the many possibilities of fabric signage. Our new collection of FabriWareTM Soft Signware attracts engagement at every level.

In the end, there is no one size fits all for in-store visual communication solutions. The expertise at Rose Displays provides you with customized solutions that fit seamlessly into your retail environment. Let us be part of your team, to create something that is truly unique for your next signware program.

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